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MIL-3216 uPVC Window Interlock Profile Milling Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
1. The machine is mainly used for machining notch in upvc window interlock / cap-seal profile of sliding windows and doors. Two different milling blades for top square notch and bottom aluminium track notch milling..
2. This machine consists of machine body, worktable electromotor, main axle, profile-guiding plate, and electric system.
3. The electromotor directly contact the main axle, which makes it easy to fit up and take down milling cutters;
4. The guided measurement and the positioned measurement can be adjusted with the profile-guiding plate, which is suit for machining different custom profiles;
Technical parameter:
Input Voltage  3 Phase, 50Hz, 380V
Input power  1.1kW
Milling cutters  160mm
Main axle diameter  32mm
Motor rotation speed  2800r/min
Overall Dimensions  530 x 530 x 1100(mm)
Weight  100(kg)

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