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MCSN-1127 Aluminum and uPVC Profiles Single Head Copy Router

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd


Features and functions: 
1. The machine is made up of vertical milling head, copying tracer, copying template, clamping mechanism, operation pole, machine frame, pneumatic system, electric system etc.
2. By controlling the operation pole, the copying tracer moves along the copying template to drive the milling cutter.
3. The copying tracer diameter is identical with the milling cutters, so the copy milling process can be realized according to the proportion of 1: 1.
4. The machine is the special equipment used to process water slot, pulley hole, lock hole, hardware hole and groove of PVC and aluminum profile.
5. It can process different holes with different copying template.
Technical parameter:
Working air pressure 0.4~ 0.6 MPa
Air consumption 30L/min
Working voltage 380V 50Hz
Input power 0.75kW
Copy routing range 290 x 90mm
Diameter of milling cutter 5 or 8mm
Dimension 870 x 700 x 1500mm
Weight 220Kg