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MES-20 Aluminium & uPVC Window End Milling Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd
Features and functions:  
1.This machine is made up of electromotor box, worktable, machine body, pneumatic system and electric system.
2.The electromotor directly drive the end milling cutter to rotate.
3.The end milling machine has merits of pneumatic clamp, manual feeding, clamp and running interlock, easy operation, smooth feed, and reliable performance.
4.Changeable end milling cutters for various uPVC, PVC, plastic and aluminium profiles processing.
5.This machine is the special-purposed window equipment for milling the screw connection uPVC profile and aluminum profiles.
6.With different cutters, the machine can process different structures such as sidestep face, rectangle slot, rabbet and so on.
7.By turning different angle of the positioning plate on the worktable, the machine can mill inclined end of the corresponding corner.
8.It's an idea window equipment for aluminium and upvc windows and doors manufacturing.
Technical Specifications: 
Input Voltage 3 Phase 50Hz 380/220V
Input Power 1.5(kW)
Air Pressure 0.5~0.8 (Mpa)
Air Consumption 10(L/min)
Main-shaft speed 2800(r/min)
Locating board rotate angle -55 degree to +55 degree
Max Processing Dimension 200 x 45 x 70(mm)
Cutter Spindle Travel Range 36(mm)
Overall Dimensions 1060×800×1300(mm)

MES-20 Aluminium & uPVC Window End Milling Machine Video