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CGB-3218CW CNC Glazing Bead Saw with Wireless Measurement System

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:


1.        The machine equipped with 4 saw blades, which can complete cutting and grooving glazing bead at the same time.  

2.        Special for 45 degree glass bead cutting.

3.        One time two pieces of glass batten cutting is available.

4.        Adjustable mould made it suitable for most style of glass beads.

5.        Equipped with CNC size stopper, which is very convenient for operation and high accuracy also.

6.   The innovation hand held wireless measuring system can work in distance of 100 meters, which can transmit the measuring data in real time, it highly improved the working efficiency.

7.   Bar code printer is optional.


Technical parameter:


Working air pressure

0.4 ~ 0.6MPa

Air consumption


Input voltage

380 V 50 Hz

Input power

3.0 kW

Motor speed

2800 r/min

Processing range (length)

320 ~ 1800mm


7560 x 1260 x 1350mm