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CCS-1413 vertical uPVC profiles cutting centre

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd
Features and functions:

1. The cutting centre can be used for 45 degrees, V-notch and mullion cutting.
2. The saw blades is driven by pneumatic cylinders, vertical design features saving space.
2.  The cutter is alloy saw plate with high precision and long service life.
3. The machine is used for all kind of upvc, vinyl profiles cutting.
4. Raw material feeding at left side, the right side have size stopper,( direction customized acceptable)
5. Digital measurement display stopper is optional.
Technical parameter:

Working air pressure 0.5~0.8mpa
Air consumption 50L/min
Input voltage 380v 50hz
Input power 3.0kW
Saw Blade Diameter 450mm
Saw blade speed 2800r/min
Max cutting section(width x height) 140 x 130mm
Max. Cutting off length 3700mm
CCS-1413 vertical uPVC profiles cutting centre Video