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CDM-3535 Double Head Cutting Saw for uPVC windows and Doors

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
1.    The machine is made up of saw heads, working table, machine frame, etc.
2.    Air pressure drives feeding and pressing, and the speed can be adjusted.
3.    Features swinging feeding and high cutting precision.
4.    Movable shields over each saw heads for safety.
5.    The working table moves agility manually, and can be locked easily along the rail.
6.    The machine is used for 45 degree to 90 degree cutting processing of aluminum and uPVC profile, the two saw blades can work separately or together.
7.    It features high efficiency and flexible operation and is the necessary equipment for upvc window making machine, PVC door processing.
Technical parameter:
Working air pressure 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa
Air consumption 100 L/min
Input voltage 380V 50Hz (3-phrase 4-threads)
Input power 3.0 KW
Saw blade speed 3467 m/min
Max cutting width 120mm
Saw blade diameter 350mm
Max cutting height 100mm
Double saw head cutting length 450 ~ 3500mm
Dimension 4000 x 1120 x 1500mm
Remark: Max cutting height and max cutting width can not be realized at the same time.

CDM-3535 Double Head Cutting Saw for uPVC windows and Doors Video