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CSNF-550C Single Head Cutting Machine with CNC Size Stopper

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
  1. The machine is suitable for all kinds of large aluminium formwork extrusions, profiles 90 degree cutting, especial for  600mm aluminium formwork profiles straight cutting.
  2. Saw blade feeding adopts linear bearing moving pair, the pneumatic feeding cylinder with hydraulic damping system which features smooth movement and excellent performance.
  3. Compact structure, small footprint, high machining accuracy and high durability.
  4. The worktable surface is specially treated for high durable.
  5. Spray mist cooling system can cool the saw blade fast.
  6. Extra large cutting range can cut many profile at one time pass through.
  7. The cutting angle is 90 degrees only.
  8. With Max. 3000mm CNC size stopper features more accuracy and easy for operation.
Technical parameter:

Working air pressure 0.5~0.8mpa
Air consumption 120L/min
Input voltage 3-phase, 380v, 50hz
Input power 4.0kW
Saw Blade Diameter 500 or 550mm
Saw blade speed 2800r/min
Max cutting section 600x 80mm , 450x150mm or 600x95, 450x175mm
Cutting degree 90 degree
Feeding speed <=10m/min
Repeat sizing tolerance +/-0.2mm
Degree tolerance  Less than 5’

CSNF-550C  Single Head Straight Cutting Machine with CNC Size Stopper for aluminium formwork profiles cutting demo