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CSAC-600 CNC Automatic Degree Cutting Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
  1. The machine adopts sturdy steel structure, imported heavy duty shaft motor.
  2. The machine equipped with an automatic manipulator feeder, it can take whole length extrusion and continuously feeding according to program.
  3. The clamp is adjustable for aluminium formwork extrusions like U, L and IC profiles etc.
  4. The worktable is driven by servo degree rotating system which is full automatic degree changing per program. The cutting degree is from +45 to -45 degree,
  5. The machine features precision length feeding and degree cutting, fully automatic, high accuracy, less labour and high productivity.
  6. Spray mist cooling system can cool the saw blade fast and program controlled also.
Technical parameter:
Cutting Degree -45 to +45 degree
Max. cutting width 600mm ( 90 degree)
Max. cutting height 200mm
Motor Rated Power 7.5KW
Saw Blade Diameter Ø600mm
Saw Blade Inner Diameter Ø30mm
Main shaft Speed 3000  r/min
Rotation Motor 1.5KW
Max output 13RPM
Location Accuracy ±0.2mm
Degree Accuracy ±1'
Working Air Pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Worktable height 1000mm
Main Machine Overall dimensions 3380×1600×1652mm
Power 380V/50Hz

CSAC-600 CNC Automatic Degree Cutting Machine for aluminium formwork profiles cutting demo.