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CDMA-5060C CNC Aluminium Variable Angle Double Miter Saw

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

1.The machine is the most advanced double-head cutting saw for all kinds aluminium profiles cutting.
2.The machine adopts Europe model with neat appearance and good style.
3.The control system adopts the new closed-loop system.
4.The directly connected blade adopts Lever-swing cutting type.
5.The feeding of the blade is driven by hydraulic damping cylinder, with smooth cutting.
6.The imported high precision blade makes the cutting surface smoother
7.The cutting angle is auto adjustment through the important servo motor between 45°-157.5°.
8.Several profile processing dimension can be input one time and make continuous cutting.
9.The processing dimension can be directly input, the cutting length can be changed without returning the reference point.
10.The right cutting head is driven by the imported servo motor, feature high speed and high
11.The airproof device under the worktable has wonderful crumbs-cleaning effect.
12.The following saw cover keeps it working in the clean environment.
13.The stuff follow-up supporter can reduce the machine space.
14.The profile was clamped by two cylinders in every head, and keeps the cutting security.
15.   It's an idea multi-function aluminium windows and doors profiles, industry aluminium profile double mitre cutting saw.
Technical Parameter:

Power supply  380V 50Hz
Cutting motor power 2x2.2 KW        
Rotary Speed 2800r/min
Servomotor power 3x0.75Kw        
Rotary Speed 4050 r/min
Operation air pressure 60L/min
Air consumption 0.5-0.8 MPa
Blade specification Φ500×Φ30×4.4Z=120 (Standard size)
Cutter feeding speed Stepless
speed regulation 0-3m/min
Cutter moving speed range  0~20m/min
Cutting length Max 6000mm, Min 480mm at 90°, Min 760mm at 45°
Cutting width 120mm
Cutting height  230mm
Cutting angle 45°-157.5° any angle in the range Repeat locating length tolerance        ±0.2mm
Cutting Profile Surface Plane  ≤0.10mm
Cutting Angle tolerance  ±5’
Cutting Profile Surface Roughness Ra12.5μm
Overall dimension 7500mm×1500mm×1530mm

CDMA-5060C CNC Aluminium Variable Angle Double Miter Saw Video