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CDM-6049C CNC Double-head Precision Cutting Saw

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

  1. It is new designed to meet the development of modern aluminum curtain wall, aluminum template processing industry and radiator industry.
  2. It is mainly used for processing of extra-wide aluminum profile.
  3. Two cutting heads can swing positioning at +45°, 90° and -45°.
  4. Two cutting heads can at same time, or the fixed head cutting and the right moveable head feeding material continuously
  5. Hard alloy teeth cutting blade, high cutting speed, high produce efficiency, high process accuracy.
  6. The cnc aluminium profiles double mitre cutting saw adopt advance CNC system( including PLC, servo driver, touch screen), which features very reliable and easy operation also.
Technical parameter:
Power Supply 3-phase, 380V/50Hz
Cutting Saw Motor Power 7.2 kw
Motor Rotary Speed 3400r/min
Saw Blade Spec. D600 x 4.4 x D30 x 120T
Cutting Length 400 ~ 4900mm
Length accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Angle accuracy +/- 5’
Repeat location accuracy <= 0.30mm
Cutting surface flatness <=0.05mm
Overall Dimension 6300mm x 1700mm x 2000mm