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TBR-3825 Thermal Break Aluminum Profile Rolling Machine (Standard)

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
  1. This aluminum profile rolling machine is to combine thermal barrier strip or plastic profile with aluminum profiles to make the end product, which is called bridge-cut-off aluminum alloy profile or thermal break aluminum profile. Hardened rollers are used to press the knurled profile and thermal barrier strip or plastic profile together, to make a composite profile that has great insulation effect.
  2. Equipped with three groups of hardened rollers electrically controlled, available in changing profiles quickly with the Nylon rollers. Two-axis direction adjustments. .
  3. Six rollers controlled by separate driving force guarantee stable rolling, higher speed, and higher efficiency.
  4. Space between roller wheels adjustable. Suitable for various sizes of thermal barrier strips.
  5. Frequency converter with stepless speed regulation.
  6. High-precision screw are used for driving.
Technical parameter:
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Total power: 2.5Kw
Rolling-disc diameter:  230mm
Height of three sets rolling-discs:  0-80mm
Max processing size of profile:  W*H=250mm*380mm
Overall dimension:  L*W*H=1800mm*1050mm*1650mm
Weight:  1500Kg