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TBRC-3825 CNC Thermal Break Aluminum Profile Rolling Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
  1. The machine is used to press and fasten the profile with thermal barrier strips. Profiles with teeth made and strips inserted---to roll and to achieve tightness of profiles.
  2. 6 synchronous driven discs, stepless speed regulation through the frequency converter. Value of pressure and vertical height of three sets (six pairs or 12 pieces) rolling-discs are showed clearly. The whole height of all three sets (six pairs or 12 pieces) rolling-discs can be adjusted by CNC that depends on the aluminum profiles.
  3. When rolling different aluminum profiles, measuring value of height that aluminum profiles are rolled first, and imputing the value to the computer to adjust the rolling - discs to the place with high accuracy and speed by CNC.
Technical parameter:
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Total power: 4.73Kw
Rolling-disc diameter:  240mm
Height of three sets rolling-discs:  0-80mm
Max processing size of profile:  W*H=250mm*380mm
Overall dimension:  L*W*H=1800mm*1050mm*1650mm
Weight:  1500Kg