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BAM-800 CNC Profile Bending Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions: 

1. The bending machine is mainly for all kinds of aluminium profiles bending, it adopt two axis CNC controller and HMI for easy operation.
2. The machine can bend common circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, runway, hexagon and other customized shapes also.
3. The machine has compact structure and easy operation CNC system. It’s an idea machine for all kinds of light profile bending.
4. The machine is widely used for aluminium mirror frame profiles bending, tranffic signal box aluminum profiles bending, advertisement boxes aluminum framework profiles bending.
Technical parameter:  
Power supply                                 220V 50Hz
Motor power                                  1.8 kw
Diameter of shaft                           28mm
Max bending radius                        infinite
Min bending radius                        50mm
Profile max. width                          90mm
Overall dimension                         750x500x1400mm

BAM-800 CNC Aluminum MIrror Frame Profile Bending Machine Demo