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CDMH-5042C Heavy Duty Double Head Cutting Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Main Features:
1.The machine mainly for all kinds of aluminium windows and doors profiles, industrial aluminium profiles and upvc profiles cutting.
2.The use of carbide saw blades, diameter up to 500 dia, line of high speed high precision machining.
3.Right heads feeding adopts pitch ball screw-lead motion, with high accurate driving, locating and smooth working.
4.This machine uses the numerical control technology, profiles of different specifications can completed automatically under the expected size.
5.Machine during operation, two saw blade can separate cutting.
6.The blade from the bottom to the top, sawing profile is more safe and reliable, and the cutting height and cutting width are large.
Technical parameter:

Power Supply 3-phase, 380V/50Hz
Cutting motor power 5.9kw
Angle  accuracy ±0.5 degree
Dimensional accuracy ±0.1mm
Cutting motor rotary speed 2800r/min
Operation air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa              
Air consumption 60L/min
Saw Blade 500mm
Cutting length 400mm-4500mm
Cutting width 300mm
Max cutting section 135*200mm.
Cutting angle 45, 90 degree
Overall dimension  5750*1300*1500mm

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