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ACC-1830C CNC Four-corner Crimping Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
  1. Used for corner crimping combination of aluminum windows & doors. The machine have four crimping heads which can crimp one rectangle frame at one time.
  2. Imported CNC system and industry grade computer system, features high quality, high speed and accuracy. Just need input the rectangle frame dimensions, the clamping heads can auto move forward / backward, make the operation be very convenient.
  3. The movement control function of the servo system can auto-press the four corners, ensuring the processing effect
  4. Hydraulic system through high and low pressure conversion to realize the second pressing function so that ensure the higher intensity of corner combination.
  5. The combination cutter can easily adjusting from front to back and left to right, it’s suitable for the demand of processing different profiles.
  6. High precision linear guiding pair ensured steady and long-term processing accuracy.
  7. Auto trouble detection.
Technical parameter: 
Air pressure  0.5 - 0.8MPa
Air consumption  60L/min
Input voltage  3N - 50Hz, 380/220V
Input power  1.7kW
Profile height  30 - 120mm
Profile width  20 - 120mm
Processing Frame Size Range 600x600mm ~ 3000 x 1800mm
Overall dimensions  2,000 x 1,820 x 1,500mm