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ACC-120A Aluminum Window & Door Corner Crimping Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
1. The frame is specially jointed by steel with quality and durable.
2. Adopt new mechanical linkage device, realized complete synchronous corner combining.
3. Synchro feeding structure makes the adjustment very easy
4. Screw thread regulates the distance between up and down crimping blade ensures regulates blades easily
5. It is collocate single cutter of many points crimping cutter ensure reliably crimping for all kinds of profiles.
6. It's an important machinery for corner crimping aluminium window and door making.
Technical parameter: 
Air pressure  0.5 - 0.8MPa
Air consumption  60L/min
Input voltage  3N - 50Hz, 380/220V
Input power  1.7kW
Profile height  30 - 120mm
Profile width  20 - 120mm
Overall dimensions  2,000 x 1,820 x 1,500mm
Milling cutter revolution  2,800rpm