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BAC-201 CNC Profiles Bending Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:  
1. The bending machine is used for aluminum profiles, pipes, angles and other metal profiles bending.
2.  The machine adopts CNC controller, set up the bending parameters, the machine can automatically bend the profiles, which make the machine features easy handling and high precision.
3.  With different bending fixture, the machine can process various profiles. The bending fixture is easy for changing.
4. For almost all kinds of arches bending, like C shape, U shape, ellipse, spiral etc.
5. It features reliability, safety and high efficiency.

Technical parameter: 
Power source 3-phase, 380V, 50Hz
Rated Power 4.5 KW
Min. Diameter of Bending 500mm
Max. Diameter of Rolls 200mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Pressure 200KN (20 Ton)
Lower Shafts Centre Distance 350~650mm adjustable
Roller-holding Shaft Diameter 60mm
Rotation speed of shaft 1~14r/min
Positioning precision 0.05mm
Top Roll Stroke 280mm
Overall Dimension 1800x1200x1400mm
CNC aluminium window profile bending machine video

CNC aluminum window profile bending machine video

CNC aluminium windows and doors profile bending machine video