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CMC-512N uPVC Window CNC Corner Cleaning Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd
Features and functions:
 1. The machine adopts advanced Numerical Control System, which can set up two-dimension process program according to different profile.
2. The machine can setup and store around 100 sets of processing program.
3. The USB port make loading and saving programs available and very simple also.
4. The external milling blade can clean any shapes of the upvc windows corner including arch shapes.
5.With the upper and the lower vertical cutters, the machine can clean the gasket grooves and the unwanted welding tumor on the internal and the external flat slot at the same time or separately.
6. With upper & lower horizontal cutters, It can clean the upper and the lower surface welding seam.
7. Newly cantilever control panel makes the new programming be very simple.
8. The machine features convenient adjustment, high automation, friendly operation interface.
9. It is the ideal machine for mass batch production of various profiles.
 Technical parameter:
 Working air pressure 0.5~0.7MPa
Air consumption 200L/min
Input voltage 380V 50Hz
Input power 0.55KW
Main milling cutter speed 2800r/min
Processing profile height 30~120mm
Processing profile width 20~120mm
Groove width 3+/-0.2mm
Groove depth 0.3+/-0.15mm
Dimension 2000x1930x1500mm(with the profile bracket)
CMC-512N uPVC Window CNC Corner Cleaning Machine Video