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WMSA-312 uPVC Window 3-Head Seamless Welding Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd
Features and functions:

1.  This machine is made up of three welding heads, frame, electric controller box, profile-holding frame, etc.
2.  The left and right welding head can move 20mm by following the track, which makes the welding operation be very easy.
3.  Each heads have location structure, pressing structure, heating structure & head box.
4. The welding seam is 0.2 mm for seamless upvc window and door welding. All the bottom & top clamps are equipped with knives, which can be used to cut the welding seam during 0.2mm seamless welding.
5.  It features advanced technique, pneumatic drive, PLC control, simple operation.
6.  The main track adopt non-oil lubricating linear bearing, all the top clamps adopt rectangle linear guide way, features high precision and convenient maintaining.
7.  The three welding heads can work individually and jointly. It can be used to weld common 90 degree corner, v-corner and cross welding also.
8.  It's a popluar upvc window seamless welding for color co-extrusion profiles, foil laminated profile and common white profiles welding. 

Technical parameters:  

Input voltage 220V, 50Hz
Input power 3.5kW
Working air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption 60 L/ min
Welding height 20~120mm
Max welding width 120mm
Welding size 400~3500mm
Dimension 4500 x 1100 x 1700mm

WMSA-312 uPVC Window 4-Head Seamless Welding Machine Demo