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20+ uPVC window making machine proposal - Advanced

Published by: CBS Industry Co Ltd

This advanced upvc windows and doors making machines solution can produce 20+ pieces all kinds of upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl windows and doors daily per 8-hour/shift. The window machine proposal can produce screw connection mullion upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl windows and doors. Because the machinery list have end milling machine, so, the proposal can also fabricating false mullion double open casement windows.
The productivity will be more or less, it's depend on the total operators number.
The complete uPVC windows and doors production line consist of the following machines:
  1. 1 set CDM-4537D double mitre saw  with digital measurement display, which will be used to cut the upvc, pvc, plastic and vinyl profiles, variable cutting angle is available.
  2. 1 set CVN-60 uPVC window V-notch cutting saw, the machine will be used for V-notch cutting in frame. (For screw connection mullion, this machine is optional)
  3. 1 set MES-20 aluminium & upvc window end milling machine,  which be used to milling the profiles' end for screw connection system. Especially for double open casement uPVC windows and doors, and screw connection mullion system.
  4. 1 set MWS-360 automatic water-slot routing machine (3 spindles), which will be used to milling the water slot/drainage in the uPVC profiles.
  5. 1 set MCLN-929 copy-router and lock-hole processing machine, this milling machine mainly used to copy milling all kinds of holes, grooves in the uPVC profiles for all kinds of hardware mounting.
  6. 1 set WMC-212 upvc window and door two-head welding machine, which be used to weld the 90 degree windows and doors corner, the two welding heads can also do the V welding and cross welding.
  7. 1 set CMC- 512 upvc window and door cnc corner cleaning machine, this advanced CNC corner cleaning machine has been equipped with 6 different cleaning cutters, which can clean the upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl window and door external corner, up and bottom surface, inside and outside gasket groove, and the sliding frame inside track surface also.
  8. 2 sets upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl windows and doors manually surface cleaning tool.
  9. 2 set upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl windows and doors external corner cleaning tool.
  10. 2 sets upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl windows and doors internal corner cleaning tool.
  11. 1 set CGB-3218 upvc window and door glazing bead cutting saw, this machine cutting  2 pieces of glazing beads at one time.
  12. 1 set MIL-3216 upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl windows and doors cap sealing milling machine, used to milling the notch in upvc, pvc, plastic or vinyl cap sealing profiles.
The auxiliary reinforcement profile screw fastening machine, multi-head installation holes drilling machine, worktables and uPVC profiles transportation trolley are needed also.