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MAFM-830 CNC Aluminium Formwork Multi-head Slots Milling Machine

Published by: CBS Industry Co Ltd

1. Suitable for all kinds of Aluminium Formwork Panel high efficiency automatic milling of slots.
2. The clamping fixture is designed according to different shape of the workpiece. It can milling the L, U profiles height from 100 to 600mm. Non standard profiles fixture can be customized.
3. The special designed worktable make the machine suitable for both old aluminium formwork panel and new formwork panel.
4. Each slots milling heads equipped with fine adjustment facilities, features very convenient for operation.
5. The machine can be equipped with 6, 7 or 8 individual milling heads according to requirement, the minimum distance between two milling heads is 150+/-0.1mm, each milling heads can work individually.
6. Each slot milling shaft equipped with digital measurement display, which features easy to set the distance between each slots.
7. The feeding model adopt servo driving system, easy to set according to different working model.
8. There are two working tables to load two workpieces at same time,
8. The milling width is 36mm, 40mm and 42mm selectable.
Technical specification:
Input Voltage 380/415V, 50Hz
Rated power 2.2x8 Kw
Max. panel length 3000mm
Milling accuracy ±0.15mm/300mm
Maximum working speed 4500mm/min
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.10mm/300mm
Main shaft speed 9000r/min

MAFM-830 Aluminium Formwork CNC Multi-head Slots milling machine Demo