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CSA-45C CNC Automatic Profiles Cutting Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:

1. Used for aluminium profiles continuous cutting, it's a full automatic cutting machine.

2. Imported carbide saw blade is accuracy and high efficiency.

3. Input the cutting sizes and quantity through the touch screen, then machine will automatically feeding, cutting and counting.

4. High-power motor makes the cutting easily for heavy profiles.

5. The PLC controller and auto-feeding system with high efficiency is suitable for large volume production.

6. The saw blade feed from bottom to top that features fast and precise cutting. It’s widely used for all kinds of industry aluminium profiles cutting.


Technical parameter: 

Power supply                 

415/380V, 50HZ

Cutting motor power  

5.5 KW

Motor rotary speed  


Operation air pressure


Auto-feeding length        


Saw blade feeding speed


Saw Blade Diameter     

Φ450 x Φ25.4

Cutting angle

90 degree

Overall dimensions


CSA-45C CNC Automatic Aluminium Profiles Cutting Machine demo