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EMA-425 Aluminum Profiles End Milling Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
1.  Milling the aluminum mullion profile to connect the profile and frame profile,
2.  Can mill several profiles in one time with high productivity,
3.  Milling knives can be adjusted up/down and left/ right to meet different type of aluminium profiles end milling purpose,
4.  Large diameter of milling knives, high speed milling, good quality milling profile surface,
5.  Adopted the electrical motor protect device to improve the safety,
6.  Hydraulic damping feeding system, features smooth end milling.
7. It's a high efficiency end milling machine for aluminium windows and doors making, curtain wall manufacturing, and other industry aluminum profiles end milling also.
Technical parameter:   
Power supply                                               380V 50HZ
Total power                                                   6.6kw
Air pressure:                                                 0.5-0.8Mpa
Diameter of main shaft                                 Φ 32mm
Diameter of milling cutter                             Φ 250mm
Worktable journey                             0-1560mm
Worktable dimension                          530x320mm
Motor adjustable journey                              0-85mm
Max processing tenoningsize                       40mm
Overall dimension                                        3240x970x1670mm
Cutting surface roughness                          12.5μm