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Sealbot-2500 Insulated Glass Double Group Silicon Automatic Sealing Robot

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:

1.      Integrated frame design in order to minimize the size of equipment, saving installation space.

2.      Automatic sealant discharging function to avoid the pipe blockage.

3.      Special design for checking the depth of spacer in order to control the spreading volume automatically

4.      Coating with glass edge neatly, no dislocation. After coating, the glass edge without seam, enrich the corner, quadrilateral smooth surface, no need to repair the glass corner.

5.      V-block type synchronous belt, features smooth glass transmission and accurate positioning, reduce the phenomenon of belt sticking by sealant.

6.      Touch HMI, simplify thinking design, automatic intelligent control.

7.      Adopt Japan YASKAWA servo control system, high standard pneumatic components to ensure high efficiency and stable quality.


Technical parameter:


Max. glass size

2500 x 3500mm

Min. glass size

180 x 300mm

Glass thickness


Coating depth


Spacer width


Coating speed


Transmission speed


Hydraulic pressure

<100 kgf/cm3

Air pressure

0.6~0.8 MPa


3-Phase, 4 wires, 380V 50Hz, 13.00 kW

Overall dimensions

11010 x 3500 x 3400mm