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SDG-01 Double Group Sealant Extruder

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd


1)    Adopted pneumatic cylinder to provide power

2)    Domestic sealant gun and stainless steel mixer.

3)    High pressure protect device.

4)    Anti-back flow control structure.

5)    Mixed rate detector can control the rate of two gourp of sealant.

6)    Mix ratio is adjustable from 6:1 ~ 14:1


Main technical parameter:


Mix ratio

6:1~14:1 adjustable

Max. amount of extruded glue


Pump A platen diameter

55 gallon(200L) φ565mm

Pump B platen diameter

5 gallon (20L) φ285mm

Max. air consumption

1.5 CBM/min

Air supply


Overall dimensions

1200 x 1100 x 2500mm