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BEM-05D Butyl Extruder

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

  1. PLC control, it is more stable and energy-saving with the most advanced technology.
  2. Heating time can be preset within 96 hours, which will avoid long heating time during working time.
  3. Alarm system is set when the sealant has been exhausted so the operator can fill in the sealant in time.
  4. The sealant spreading nozzles distance can be changed within 6-20mm according to the different width and thickness of the aluminum or steel spacer.
  5. Special stainless spacer guide groove make it’s very easy for operation.
  6. Improved structure special design makes it easy to change the transportation belt.
  7. Adopt frequency speed controller, the working speed is adjustable.
Main technical parameter: 
Power supply 3-phase, 380/415V 50Hz
Rated Power 4.0 Kw
Aluminum spacer’s width 6~20 mm
Work speed 21m/min
Extruder pressure 10~15Mpa
Air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Extruding temperature 110~160℃
Overall dimensions 3000 x 650 x 1000mm

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