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DFM-2020S Molecule Sieve Desiccant Filling Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
  1. PLC control, desiccant filling in sealed condition, improving efficiency and insulated glass unit service life.
  2. Drilling and filling from back side of spacer, sealing automatic.
  3. Suitable for any rectangle spacer frame processing.
  4. Filling volume is adjustable according to the different size of spacer.
  5. Desiccant auto loading system.
Main technical parameter:
Power supply                                         220V 50HZ
Air pressure                             0.5 ~ 0.8MPa
Desiccant diameter 0.5~0.9mm
Max. spacer frame size 2000 x 2000mm
Min. spacer frame size                300 x 300mm
Spacer width                    6-24mm
Overall dimensions                          1000x820x2900mm
Weight About 300kg