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GWV-2500 Vertical Glass Washing Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:
1. The vertical glass washing machine consist of Loading section, washing and drying section, Washing quality inspection section. (Hydraulic or Pneumatic tilt unloading section is optional)
2. The machine adopts PLC control, manual and automatic running model is selectable.
3. The operating speed is adjustable by SIEMENS Frequency Converter, which makes the production line has the highest productivity.
4. Automatic LOW-E coating glass identifying, three pairs of soft high quality brushes.
5. Each pairs of brushes distance is automatically adjustable to be compatible with different thickness of glass sheet.
6. Isolation cabinet for blower to lower the noise during operation. Special automatically pause system for the blower make sure washing quality for glass sheet even any pause happened during washing and drying procedure.
7. Washing section’s driving motors top cover make it from dust pollution of the chain system.
8. All the transportation rollers adopt key groove mount to the shafts, it will avoid slip of the rollers on the shaft which makes the transportation features high speed and smooth transportation also.
Main technical parameter:
Power supply                                          380V 500HZ            
Air consumption                              200L/min
Power                                       24kW
Max. process glass height        2500mm
Min. process dimension                    200x540mm
Thickness of glass sheet                    3-15mm
Washing speed                           0~8m/min
Water electrical conductivity ≤50 µS/cm
Overall dimensions Loading Section 3300*900*2900
Washing & Drying section 2400*1330*3650
Inspection section 3300*900*2900