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SFM-112 Automatic Reinforcement Screw Fastening Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Main features

1.    The machine is mainly for fix the steel reinforcement profile for PVC windows and doors production, it greatly improved the production efficiency.

2.    It has the advantages of simple operation and convenient maintenance, etc.

3.    PLC programmable control is steady and reliable.

4.    The machine is mainly composed of the main body, screw box, screw delivering device, screw divider and tightening mechanism, etc.

5.    The process of tightening is full-automatic, and only 4 seconds are needed for one time of action for finishing the fastening 1 screw, and the screw interval and screw depth are both adjustable.

6.    The structure of this machine is simple, it can be operated by one person, the adaptability of screw is wide, the wire tightening is firm, and it has the features of being tidy and beautiful, etc. It is suitable for the need of various enterprises.

Technical parameters:

Input power

150 W

Input voltage


Working air pressure


Processed profile section height

25~ 100mm

Processed profile section width

Max. 120mm

Screw specification (national standard)

3~5mm(Diameter) x 11~19mm(Length) cross countersunk head or pan head screw

Tightening failure rate

2~5% (related to screw quality)

Thickness of steel reinforcement profile


Overall size





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