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FML-600 Aluminium Formwork Lacquering & Drying Machine

Published by:CBS Industry Co Ltd

Features and functions:

1.      The whole lacquering line including aluminum formwork panel loading section, two pairs roller coating section, conveyor, UV drying section and unloading conveyor. It's an idea for high quality aluminium formwork bulk production.

2.      The lacquering thickness for aluminium formwork panel is digital display adjustable through the rollers. The rollers coating technology features less wastage of the raw materials..

3.      Recycle bump will deliver the chemical back to rollers to save material.

4.      The UV drying section has 4 UV lighting facilities which can dry the lacquering fast, increase the production speed and no need harder also.

5.      The 4 UV lightings have individual controller to select easily according to the working speed and environmental temperature.

6.      The whole aluminium formwork lacquering line integrated chemical coating and drying in one line, working speed is fast, less labor and less production cost also.


Technical parameter:


Roller Coating Machine

Drying Machine

Input voltage

3-phase, 380/415v, 50Hz

3-phase, 380/415v, 50Hz

Rated Power


14.2KW (4 UV Lighting)




Air Pressure

0.5~0.8 MPa



2xD120mm, 2xD100mm


Working Piece Height



Working Piece Width



Overall dimensions

(not including the conveyor)

2200x2000x1600 mm

3000x900x1700 mm